Match Bird Names and Codes

This page offers a convenient mechanism for matching English bird names, scientific bird names, 4-letter codes derived from English names, and 6-letter codes derived from scientific names. Data were downloaded from the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) in December 2022.

The IBP list includes changes made in the 63rd supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union check-list of North American birds published in 2022. It is intended to cover all birds found in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Entries are in the phylogentic order used for the IBP list.

Four-letter and six-letter codes that, because of conflicts, are not "1st-order" codes are marked with asterisks (*). English names that refer to something other than a genus and species are marked with plus signs (+).

Select the type of item you would like to match, enter text to match, and click the Match Text button. Input is not case-sensitive. MOTMOT, Motmot, and motmot all match the same birds. Examples of Matching Bird Names and Codes shows sample output for several matching options.

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