2017 Sea of Cortez Trip

Photos in this gallery were taken on a trip organized by Cloud Ridge Naturalists. We landed in Loreto, Mexico and then traveled across Baja California to the Pacific side, where we viewed and touched gray whales

The rest of the trip was in the Sea of Cortez, or Gulf of California, Mexico, on the Westward, a powered boat originally built in the 1920s. It is delightfully refurbished but maintains its character and charm. It normally travels with a crew of 4, although there was an extra crew member to spoil us on this trip.

The photos are presented in the order in which they were taken. I’ve done my best to accurately identify the species involved. If you see any errors, please contact me.

Thanks for looking at my photos.

Click on thumbnails to display larger images and additional information.

Gray Whale Tail
People Interacting with Baby Gray Whale
Please Come to Me!
White-winged Dove
Desert in Baja California
Desert by the Sea
Brown Pelican With Fish
Double-crested Cormorant
Looking Toward Loreto, Mexico, from Bahia de Loreto
Sunrise Above Isla Carmon
Great Egret at Sunrise
Fish Chase!
Semipalmated Plover
Eared Grebe in Winter Plumage
Eared Grebes in the Sea of Cortez
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Elephant Rock
Wind Storm
Yellow-crowned Night-heron
Female Magnificent Frigatebird
Frigatebird Displaying
Appreciative Female Magnificent Frigatebird and Displaying Male
Magnificent Frigatebird Father and Young
Immature Magnificent Frigatebird
Unfortunate Landing
Porpoise Jumping
Leaping Mobula Ray

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